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Sarana Vihara and Centro de Meditación Theravada are joyfully cultivating a beautiful Dhamma relationship helping each other to share the teachings of the Buddha. As we walk, learn and grow together, the loving bond between the communities, continents and hearts can offer precious support on the path towards the cessation of suffering.

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We offer online meditaiton and dhamma talk sessions and periodically host online retreats.

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Sandra & Uttara
Centro & Sarana community organizers

About us

We are truely overjoyed that for many years we have been able to build a warm Dhamma relationship, helping each other to grow in Dhamma. Meeting some years ago in Myanmar, we now meet again despite living on differnt sides of an ocean... Sharing love and respect for each other, sharing a deep commitment to Dhamma, sharing the sincere wish to support others on the Path. It is deeply touching and gives us such happiness to have this opportunity to join hands across the seas. May this union also bring you much joy and benefit.

Sarana Vihara

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Sarana Vihara is a small monastery located near the Montseny Natural Park in Spain. It is a space to practice in silence close to nature.

Authenticity, simplicity and dedication to the Dhamma are qualities that we value. We appreciate the warmth and sincere ties between this Dhamma family. Also care for each other and grow together.

Everyday we share online meditations and reflections; also Dhamma talks and questions, with teachers from different parts of the world. On Uposatha days we share Precept taking.

It is beautiful to create bridges between communities, countries, and join hands for Dhamma, trying to be peacemakers.

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Centro de Meditación Theravada

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We are an online meditation center that wishes to share the Dhamma teachings in the midst of the pandemic. Our purpose is to bring the teachings to the homes of practitioners to increase their confidence in the practice during daily life. All places are good to practice meditation: at work, on public transport, with family, with friends. Meditation is an enriching practice both individually and collectively, allowing us to connect with an interest in understanding our day-to-day experiences.

Drawing from the tradition of Theravada Buddhism, we take the description of meditation from the Pali language: bhāvanā meaning "the cultivation of beneficial states of mind." We consider the constant practice of meditation to be one of the best ways to become increasingly fulfilled and harmonious in every aspect of our lives, even those that seem more complex. We seek to achieve an inner harmony and peace that continually expands as an effect of constant practice.

The way we carry out this introspection in daily life is through online talks, in-person and online retreats with teachers from around the world.

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